Social Media Safety for Seniors

January 3, 2019 — How many holiday cards did you receive this year, compared with a decade ago? Fewer people are composing a newsy Christmas letter these days, because their friends all saw their vacation pictures and news of that new grandchild on Facebook. Seniors who don’t use social media can end up feeling left out. Today more than... Read More

10 Questions to Better Understand Your Medications and Risk of Falling

January 3, 2019 — Once we reach the age of 65, most of us are taking some kind of daily medication or supplement. For some it may be a vitamin D supplement; for others, heart medication. Whatever you’re taking, it’s good to know if and how these medicines can affect your risk of falling. The National Council on Aging... Read More

Aging & Caregiving in the News

January 3, 2019 — Information and updates from across the country and around the world In this issue: Seniors are seriously impacted by wildfires Exercise protects the health of Alzheimer’s caregivers Women are less likely to receive CPR   Seniors Most Affected by Wildfires The summer of 2018 will be remembered for the horrific wildfire season in the West... Read More

Wordfind: Planning Ahead for Successful Aging

January 3, 2019 — We hear these terms a lot: healthy aging, successful aging. What does it mean to age successfully? Does it mean remaining in perfect health well into our later years? Does it mean financial comfort? Experts say it’s more complicated than that. Successful aging means being able to live our lives with a sense of purpose... Read More