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COVID-19 Update: Lip-Reading Masks

Dear Families of Residents at The Cove and The Willows:

We are excited to introduce a new mask policy to enhance communication and
connection between you and your loved ones during scheduled visitations.
Effective today, all visitors have the option of wearing clear “lip reading” face masks with a transparent plastic panel in front of the mouth area.
These masks will allow residents – especially those who are deaf, hard of
hearing, or speak different languages/dialects – to better understand what is
being said and to easily read facial expressions (such as smiles) during the visit.
Please note that Grace Barker Health will not provide these masks; you will have to arrive with it. Additionally, your mask must meet the following requirements:
  • Must completely cover nostrils and mouth
  • Must be secured closely to face without the use of hands
  • Must have complete material coverage and not have any holes
  • Must be worn at all times
  • Must be a mask and not a shield

Here are some photo examples of acceptable and unacceptable masks:



Masks can be purchased online or handcrafted, providing they meet our safety
standards. Feel free to send us a photo of your mask prior to your scheduled visit so we can determine whether it is acceptable.
Reuniting residents with their loved ones in person has such a positive effect!
Seeing the joy and comfort this brings, and how everyone “lights up” during the
visits, makes us so grateful to offer this opportunity.
As always, if you are not feeling well, have a compromised immune system, or
have had any risk of coronavirus exposure, you should not visit. Thank you in
advance for your patience, understanding and strict adherence to our rules which help keep everyone safe.
The Lescault Family
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