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COVID-19 Visitor Update for Father’s Day

Dear Families of Residents at The Cove and The Willows:

This Sunday, June 21st is Father’s Day. In order to make the day more special for your loved one from afar, we ask that you review and comply with the following guidelines we’ve prepared:


The “no visitation” order per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and R.I. Department of Health (DOH) remains in effect at both The Cove and The Willows. We’d love nothing more than to lift or ease this restriction, but our social distancing and infection control protocols are what enable us to keep your dad, other residents and staff safe. To date, we’ve been able to successfully stop COVID-19 from entering our buildings.  

Due to CDC and DOH restrictions, we cannot have any family members congregating outside in groups, and we will not allow for any resident’s windows to be opened under any circumstances. Please note there will not be any window chats or outdoor/drive-by visits allowed. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


All items received via U.S. Postal Service or hand-delivered in person to our front door will be held for 3 days in our mail room, to minimize any risk of viral transmission from handling by your father or our staff. This 3-day hold is simply a continuation of the mail handling process we’ve already had in place for several months. 

Accepted mail items include:

  • Letters
  • Cards
  • Envelopes of any size


Unwrapped items can be delivered by USPS or in person to our front door. Out of an abundance of caution, these items will be wiped down with disinfectant and then held for 3 days prior to being brought to your father’s room. Whenever possible, items must be unopened/sealed in the original retail packaging. 

Accepted gift items include:

  • Small gifts only (nothing too large, oversized or heavy)
  • Brand-new clothing (not laundered at home)
  • Flowers and plants
  • Books
  • Shaving, soap and bathing products 
  • Knicknacks
  • Pre-packaged, unopened/sealed non-perishable retail food items (no homemade food, beverages or baked goods) such as chocolate, snacks, etc.

Not acceptable gifts are:

  • Fresh fruit, fruit baskets or Edible Arrangements
  • Perishable food items
  • Plush toys
  • Homemade food 


If you are delivering mail or a gift to the front door of The Cove or The Willows, you must drop off by Thursday, June 18 in order to ensure that your father will receive the item on Father’s Day Sunday. 


PROJECT D.A.D.S. (Dear and Dashing Dads in the Spotlight)

Submit a favorite photo of your Father and be included in a daily photo feature on the Grace Barker Health Facebook page! We will post a photo array to honor the “dear and dashing” dads in our care, for all to see and enjoy.  Limit one photo per family. Submit your photo and a brief description to:

Wishing all of you who are fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, stepfathers, fathers-in-law, guardians, Godfathers, and pet fathers a very Happy Father’s Day.


The Lescault Family

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