Where are you located?

54 Barker Avenue, Warren, RI 02885

How do you schedule a tour of your facility?

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What form of payment do you accept?

The following types of payment are accepted at Grace Barker and the Willows:

  • Private Pay
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • Veterans Association (The Willows)
  • United Health Care (The Willows)
  • Long-Term Health Care Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Managed Care Health Plans
  • Neighborhood Health Plan of RI
  • Respite
  • DEA Co-pay
  • SSI Supplement For Assisted Living
  • Medicaid Assisted Living Waiver

For more information on payment sources that we accept, please call:

  • Maria Hiotelis for The Cove (401-245-9100)
  • Paula Lage for The Willows at (401-245-2323)

Scheduling an In-Person Visit at The Cove or The Willows

At this time we are pleased to allow limited in-person visitation to our residents at both The Cove and The Willows. Please use the link found at the bottom of this page to schedule an in-person visit.

In fairness to all residents and families, please keep in mind that only 1 appointment may be scheduled at a time per resident.

All visitation scheduling is now handled online via our new visitation scheduling program. 

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below as they may help better explain the visitation process. 

In-Person Visitation/Scheduling FAQs:

Q: What if I have to cancel an already booked visitation appointment?

A: We understand that things happen, so please let us know as soon as possible about the cancellation in advance. You can either call our office or go into the booking system and cancel your time-slot.

Q: Why would Grace Barker Health cancel a visit that I already scheduled?

A: Sometimes your loved one is not “up” for a visit, or perhaps there was a health emergency or doctor’s appointment that arose. Either way, will notify you of the reason so you are not kept in the dark. Your loved one’s care is our priority.

Q: What do I do if no time-slots are convenient for any of my family members?

A: Due to required staff supervisory responsibilities during visits, we are only able to offer appointments during weekdays. On weekends, evenings and holidays, we need all staff to perform care-related duties.

Q: What if I see no available time-slots?

A: This means that all time-slots are already legitimately booked. The online scheduling tool is live, so new times/dates are added daily, so be sure check the site regularly as previously booked time-slots may re-open due to cancellations. 

Q: What if I am trying to book a virtual visit?

A: We offer virtual visitation through the use of programs such as Zoom and Skype. Please email Skype@GraceBarkerHealth.com to request a virtual visit. 

Q: What if I have not read the most recent Visitation Policy?

A: We require that all visitors at both The Cove and The Willows read and adhere to our visitation policies. Up to date visitation policies will be located at the screening areas before visitation. 

Q: What happens if one family books multiple time-slots?

A: Those extra appointments will be canceled and the time-slots will open back up for other families to book visits. Individuals who book more that 1 appointment at a time will be notified of the additional cancellations. 

Q: Can I bring my pet to the visit?

A: The answer is no, unfortunately. Our concern is that germs may be carried on the pet’s fur or transferred by touch.

Q: Can I bring food to my loved one, such as homemade cookies, chocolates, or their favorite snack?

A: All food items must be nonperishable, packaged for retail, be able to be wiped down for germs, and quarantined for 3 days before we can bring it to the resident’s room.

Q: Will you be offering extra holiday visit appointments?

A: No extra visitation time-slots are planned at this time.

Q: Can we bring presents and decorations in for a birthday or holiday celebration?

A: The gifts and decorations (balloons, etc.) need to be pre-approved and dropped off 3 days in advance so they can be wiped down for germs and quarantined before bringing it to the resident’s room or presented during a visit.

Q: Can we have extra time to visit with our loved one?

A: All visits will adhere to the maximum times: (30 minutes at The Cove and 20 minutes at The Willows).

Q: I’m a healthcare professional and am very careful/knowledgeable about Coronavirus safety precautions. Can I visit with my loved one more often or for longer periods of time?

A: We are not making rule or protocol exceptions for healthcare workers or other professions.

Q: Why are you being so strict when other nursing homes/assisted living facilities are allowing for visits at any time?

A:  Thus far, we have kept the coronavirus at bay from entering our buildings and we are proud of our track records. There is no official state regulation mandating how visits should be organized or scheduled; we are following our own protocols and procedures (approved by the RI Department of Health and based on their and Centers for Disease Control guidance) and don’t follow based on what other congregate living homes are doing. 

Q: Why don’t you open up visitation outdoors when the weather is good? Why not set up a tent outside?

A: We are currently following our state-approved visitation plans which are safe, operational and controllable. Not all residents do well in the heat or cold weather, and it’s virtually impossible to plan for an outdoor visit because the weather forecast could change necessitating more time for rescheduling a visit. Disappointing a resident by calling it off due to weather is not advisable. Additional staff would be needed to supervise outdoors, and we prefer our staff to be closer to the indoor nursing stations. 

Q: What factors do you consider when prioritizing unique resident visits?

A: First and foremost, we consider the resident’s medical, social, and emotional needs, and if the visit will be beneficial to their health. We take into account end-of-life or critical situations where family will benefit most from a visit, and give those priority.

Q: Can I bring pizza, coffee or gifts for the staff in exchange for getting a higher priority visit?

A: We appreciate the thoughtfulness in recognizing our wonderful staff, but all visits are non-negotiable.

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