Belief and Purpose

caregiver and elderly woman chatting

“To Enrich The Lives of Those We Touch”

Such a simple phrase with such deep meaning. These eight words taken by themselves mean nothing but, put together, they transform themselves into a way of life that has inspired us. It describes our purpose.

These simple words guide us to:

  • Treat those around us as we would like to be treated
  • Conduct ourselves as though we are guests in someone’s home
  • Be happy for what we have and who we are
  • Innovate to improve upon what we do every day

It is our belief that everyone should live and work in an environment that is comfortable, fun, free of conflict and respectful of others.  We believe in nourishing and promoting individuality, autonomy, and innovation to continually improve Grace Barker Health both as a home and a workplace.  We believe an environment like this leads to a happy, rewarding and full life.