COVID-19 Updates

Visitation Scheduling Online

Dear Families of Residents at The Cove and The Willows:
We sincerely thank the many family members who have observed and respected
the rules we’ve had to put in place regarding visitation with our residents.
Effective today, we are pleased to announce that we have a new, online
booking system for scheduling visitations at both The Cove and The Willows.
It’s a very easy system to use, especially for non tech-savvy people. Family members will simply click on the link located on our website ( and be taken to a website page to select an available time slot for their visit.
Here are some important points:
All scheduling will be handled online via our new web-based system and
no longer by phone or email; unique situations will be handled separately.
Each family is asked to book just one time slot at a time for this round of visitation. The system will recognize if more than one appointment time slot is booked at once, and will automatically cancel additional requests if there is already one selected for a family.
The family member who is making an appointment will receive an automatic email confirmation of the selected time slot and will be notified by us in advance if the scheduled appointment needs to be canceled for any reason.
All recommended safety protocols remain in place for each visit, including the use of mandatory pre-approved face coverings and monitoring of symptoms.
All visitors are required to have read and agree to the most current Visitation Policies at both The Cove and The Willows.
A “Frequently Asked Questions” section has been set up on our website to address commonly asked questions and concerns regarding in-person visits.
We are proud of our track record thus far for keeping the virus from entering our
buildings. We cannot continue to keep it at bay – and your loved ones safe – without your participation and understanding. Thank you!
Mark Lescault, Administrator
Benjamin Lescault, Assistant Administrator
Mary Beth Lescault, Director of Nursing Services
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