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COVID-19 Update: February 16, 2021

Dear Families of Residents at The Cove:
We know the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for you and for your loved ones in our care at Grace Barker Health.  Recognizing the support that familiar caregivers can provide, we are excited to announce that the R.I. Department of Health (RIDOH) is allowing us to open The Cove to designated “Essential Caregivers”. This can be a family member, friend or an outside caregiver who, before the pandemic, provided care or support. The State of Rhode Island has determined its own set of rules, training, principles and hygiene, and screening and testing requirements for us to follow aimed at keeping all residents, caregivers and staff safe. 
*Please read more about the RIDOH program at:
To request further information or to learn if the Essential Caregiver Program is a good fit for you and your loved one, please email:
Please be patient as applications are reviewed on a person-by-person basis, and application determinations are made by an interdisciplinary team. In other news, we also expect to allow routine visitation soon, allowing healthy visitors to schedule an in-person visit with their loved one during specific hours; more to come in future updates shortly.
The coronavirus vaccine has certainly given us hope that we are getting close to the end of this pandemic. We look forward to your full cooperation in helping to make this a reality.
Mark Lescault, Administrator
Benjamin Lescault, Assistant Administrator
Mary Beth Lescault, Director of Nursing Services 
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